Nov 26, 2011

Convocation n Concert Haikal 5 years old Part 2

Few videos that was updated by parents to YouTube

When Haikal grow up mesti dia suke mumy buat ni utk that he can see himself during his childhood..

Enjoy sayang..

Luv mummy

Convocation n Concert Haikal 5 years old

26 Nov 2011 - Haikal 5 years old concert, his first concert n the first for mumy n dadyseing our kid performed..sronok tgk dia menari n nyanyi..

Performance on that day;
- dancing gadis ayu
- singing i have a dreams (Westlife)
- bunyi gitar

Hanna menari2 kat bwh sbb dia xde persembahan sbb baru 2 years old, slalu kat rumah dia yg ajak Haikal practice..n she remember all the steps..such a fast learner, like mummy :P

On that day, Haikal got 3rd place in his class, n we were proud of him..eventhough not no.1, no.2, no.3 pun dah memadai..alhamdullillah..6 years old we try no.1 or 2 k haikal?..mumy know you can do it..

Pictures captured during the concert..



Bunyi gitar

Nov 19, 2011

Pre Convocation & Concert 2011

19 Nov 2011 - Preconcert haikal, mummy was eager to see it but i was thinking if i were there they'll be no surprise i think, i dropped he at KDU & just wait until the concert day.

However around 2pm, when mummy & daddy went to pick-up him, the rehearsel was not ended daddy suggested for us to wait inside..what a luck!hihi..

He was focusing on the dancing singing without noticing that we were there watching him..hahaha..semangat seyhhh dapat nari ngn Batrisya...i think he's a little bit following his daddy foot steps, hahaha..

Pandai dia dancing n singing, teachers have done a great job..

Suddenly in the midst of watching the show, mummy sebak..bergenang air mata mummy.. time mummy dulu i never have a chance to see my parents watched me dancing n singing..eventhough i did joined all the show back in my childhood but independantly i managed to go thru all by myself. And seeing my haikal on stage really touched me as all this moment should be a treasure for the rest of our life..mummy & daddy are lucky to have this moment least when we are old we can recall back all this together..even haikal can see how he was during his childhood..

Be good, be a great son, & be a good example to all your adiks k.

Pictures taken during the rehearsel


Nov 13, 2011

Guess, i'm listening to what??

Rase time ni dia baru 2thn lebih..baru lepas berpantang hanna, he just got baby sister...

Speky Haikal..

Haikal baru 2thn lebih..gaya ngn spek dadi...hihi..
Am i handsome like dadi, mami??
Mami, emmmm....

C i know how to play guitar, hahaha

Ngn gitar playstation dadi..

Sapa budak suka nangis???

Budak besar niiii...

Hahaha..kepanasan..gaya tido meniarap, Hanna

Hanna Carmelia 8months old

Goin for a ride,kemana? Mami pun dah xigat..

 Wit Big brother Haikal..

Wit Atuk Ijok time Raya 2009

Bj satu set ngn Bear..hihi, so cute..
Tp bear tu sekarang dh xde, mami dh buang sbb hanna suka gigit pastu teyeh kat muka menyebabkan abis pipi dia naik rashes...kena kuman kata doctor..
Tema raya hitam/putih..Hanna first time celebrate raya..

Cutey Hanna Carmelia..time baby..

Hanna nampak halus je sbb dia kena kuning, tp time bersalin 3.4kg klu xsilap mami..
Sbb kuning so dia susut banyak..
Muka yg masih terpinga2...

Abg mesti adenya nak interframe..hihi..

Time tido, gaya yg sama dulu dan skrg...asyiknyaaa..

Say Cheese...Skrg saya dah tembam-bam....hihi

Starting to crawl...cepat dia dah pandai merangkak..