May 8, 2016

8 May 2016, Sunday

Happy mother's day to me..not in a mood to celeb8 it. Today just a hectic & tiring day. Kids energy are so hard to catch up, m mentally exhausted.

As promised everyday to myself, i did swore not to shout or get angry at them, however i juz couldnt keep it, huhu.. if i could be more patient, huhu..

Hope they understand about it one day - mmy do love u all, with all my heart & soul..i love u..


Mandi lewat mlm, Hanis waited for me while doin her colouring..

MyHanis : Mmy, mmy bagila upah kat Hanis..
Mmy: Erk, nape?
MyHanis  : Hanis kan teman mmy..
Mmy: Amboii, teman pon kena upah ke? Hanis nk buat apa ngn duit tu?
MyHanis : Hanis nk masuk kat tabung Hanis..
Mmy: Mana tabung Hanis?
MyHanis  : adaa, kat bilik..

I just smile & saw on the table ada balance 50sen baki beli domino tghari td & i gave to her. She run happily shouting tq mmy & went to the room lookin for her tabung..haha, This girl always make my heart melting. She got her own ways in making me smile..Nanti bile Hanis byk duit jgn lupa mmy k ;)

Then, Haikal Hans shouting from upstairs,

MyHans : Mmy lambat lagi ke nak naik?
Mmy : AAhh
MyHaikal : Mmy tugu ddy ker?
Mmy : AAhh, nape?
MyHans : adalah kitaorg nk buat surprise kat mmy..

haha..bocor rahsia..but i just pretended that i know nothin :)
adalah la tu projek dorg kat atas tu..
Haikal dah byk hari sembunyikan sesuatu, one morning i woke up, turun bwh, then tgk dia panik mcm sembunyikan sesuatu, i asked him, buat apa? main tab, then i said, tab ada sini awak kat situ?? (dia kat meja, tab kat sofa) takk, td haikal main tab jap, pastu haikal bgn..hahaha..whatever la anak, i know u hiding somethin, coz u r myson & i know reason y :)..sbb my birthday & mother's day dah i cont. xtahu apa2..hahaha..

Nov 30, 2014


Me + Kids = Us Forever n ever.. 😘